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Software Developed Here

Please see the download area on SourceForge.

Build instructions for information on building the software.

Third-party Software

Windows Support

The iPodLinuxInst sourceforge project provides a simple Windows installer for iPod Linux.


The vanilla Linux kernel source archives are available via the Linux Kernel Archives Mirrors.


The uClinux site has the patch to the standard Linux kernel that provides the baseline support. It also has pre-compiled tool chains for building kernels and user tools.

User Tools

The full uClinux distribution contains many basic tools (including Busybox) already patched for use with uClinux.

MAD is a MP3 player that does not require a FPU.

Tremor is an OGG player that does not require a FPU.

SoX is an audio processing application capable of playing a variety of music formats (.WAV is probably the most interesting here).

Intel's IPP package and IPP MP3 Sample program. Intel's IPP is a highly optimised set of libraries that includes MP3 processing. The sample program seems to work fine under uClinux.