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Linux on iPod - Technical Notes

This page is pretty much a place holder for the moment. Below you can find some links to other sources of information that I have found interesting.

iPod Information on the Web

Articles on the iPod

Inside the Apple iPod Design Triumph. An interesting article on how Apple chose off the shelf components to put together the iPod design.

Apple's iPod packs a pricey punch. Another article, has some nice diagrams.

Complete iPod disassembly. Photos of the inside of an iPod.

iPod Remote Control Protocol. A good discussion of the iPod remote control connectors and protocols.

Product Pages

Portal Player's PP50xx range. The Portalplayer chip is the "system-on-chip" that drives the iPod. Unfortunately not too many details here.

ARM7 Documentation.. The Powerportal chip contains two ARM7TDMI cores.

TSB43AA82. Texas Instrument's IEEE-1394 chip.

TOSHIBA MK5002MAL. The 10GB HDD version.

WM8721. The Wolfson DAC for 1st and 2nd generation iPods (this is where the sound comes out :).

WM8731. The Wolfson DAC for the 3rd generation iPods (this is where the sound comes out :).

The LCD controller is actually a Hitachi chip (now owned by Renesas Technology Europe), the HD66753. Thanks readers!